This will be one of several check-ins that you will be receiving from either me or your child's classroom teacher in upcoming days as we prepare to launch remote learning.

  • We will be using three platforms to communicate with you in future weeks: 1) e-mail 2) Facebook and 3) Teacher Web Pages.

  • Everyone will get regular emails with basic information to help support your child.

  • Your child's teacher will be sending you an invite to join a private, closed Facebook group.  We know that everyone is not on Facebook.  Neither were all of us. We decided that this was the easiest and most familiar platform to reach most of our parents. If you do not have a Facebook account, you may want to open one for this purpose. On this platform, you will be receiving videos and other resources.  Your child will love seeing and hearing their teacher regularly.  Please understand that if you accept this invitation it is ONLY to receive information from us.  Teachers will even be turning off the comment feature in order to keep this site simple and crisp.  If you want to contact teachers, please do it through private e-mail. If you choose NOT to accept this invitation, you will still get regularly updated email.

  • Teachers may also direct students to web pages as well for specific information.  This will be especially true as it is now for the junior high.

  • Please know that the office will be officially closed for this next period.  If you have any questions, besides instructional ones for the teacher, please contact myself at or Christina Thweatt at

Please be patient with us as we get rolling on this.  Some teachers are out of town, presently.  You will get basic communication to start on Monday, but we should be in"full-swing" by Tuesday.