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  • St. Edward School (SES) is a part of a well-known and respected Roman Catholic Community in the Diocese of Nashville.

  • Our parish school holds a strong sense of community and tradition, with over 70 years of experience in providing Catholic education in the Nashville area.  This parish school, with close ties to the church and community, has developed a strong tradition, not just in the Diocese, but in the city of Nashville and surrounding areas as well.

  • A major strength of St. Edward School is its diverse population which represents the richness of Nashville. Students of all racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds gather daily to learn, play, and pray together. 

  • Approximately one-third of our families qualify for and receive tuition assistance.  St. Edward strives to make a Catholic education affordable to all who desire it.

  • SES has a dedicated teaching staff who ensure that students receive a balance of academic rigor, social-emotional learning, individualized attention, and faith formation. 

  • Current initiatives include an adoption of a schoolwide behavior system, a new Religion curriculum, and a new Math curriculum.  

  • All students at SES are welcomed into the family lovingly referred to as the “Saints”. From the front office to the classrooms, to the custodial and lunchroom staff and coaches on the field, all adults wrap their arms around our students to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance for all!

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