The steps to apply for an ESA, if you have a FACTS account:

1. Log in to your existing FACTS account: 
2. On the Schools page - click on Add New School / Organization
3. Type in the search box the zip code 37243

  • This is the ESA office zip code, and no other schools have that zip code

  • Otherwise you have to type in exactly "Tennessee Department of Education ESA Program" to get the ESA to show up.

4. Select the ESA application and save it to your account
5.  Next go to your students, and under each student requesting an ESA, check the ESA box there.  
6.  Once you check the ESA box under a student, new questions are added to the FACTS application directly related to the ESA.

  • As of yet, only the added questions on the student page show up

  • Once you save the changes to the student page, more questions will come up on other pages, and these will not show in red on the page list