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Margaret Welsh

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Science Teacher


This will be my third year teaching at St. Edward,  but my first year as the middle school science teacher. I’ve always been passionate about art, science, and the connections between them.


I attended the University of Dallas, a school with a core liberal arts program and a strong Catholic identity. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a concentration in French and language education, along with several art classes on my transcript. I chose biology as a major partly because I had an inspiring AP biology teacher in high school, Ms. Podany, who encouraged me to go into science.   I was a recipient of the O’Hara chemistry scholarship during my freshman year. As an upperclassman I focused on genetics, taking advanced genetics classes as well as biochemistry. I loved anatomy, physiology as well as chemistry!

My love for painting and sculpting led me to pursue art full-time after college. I moved to Florence, Italy to study at the Florence Academy of Art. After graduating from the three-year post-graduate program, I was invited to work as an instructor and eventually the director of the anatomical sculpture program.


I met my husband, an artist and Nashville native, in Florence. We decided to move to Nashville from Florence in 2019 and welcomed our daughter, Aurelia, in 2020. I continue to teach for the Florence Academy as an associate professor for their MA program during the summers. 


Since I moved to Nashville, I’ve been lucky enough to teach every grade level from PreK through graduate school. I’m excited to work with the middle school students this year to prepare them for success in high school and beyond!

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