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St. Edward Church & School is offering a summer camp series for PREK through 5th grade students.  Children can register for traditional summer care, available from 7 am - 6 pm,  or specific themed camps. Children attending standard summer care will also select a weekly themed camp to attend between 9 am - 12 pm.

Traditional Summer Care

Full-Time option 7:00 AM – 6 PM  

Includes: 2 snacks/drinks per day 

Choice of themed camp for the week


Costs: one time $75.00 Registration Fee per family


1 Student: $200.00 per week

2 Students: $350.00 per week

3 Students: $500.00 per week

Drop-in Care

1 student $50.00 per day

2 students $90.00 per day

3 Students $130.00 per day

Themed Camps

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

Drop off 8:45 AM

Pick up by 12:15 PM

Includes: 1 snack 


Costs:  $120.00 per week per student

If they need extended hours, they will need to sign up for the full week's cost of $200.00.

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May 30 - June 2

Kick-Off Summer Fun

Welcome to Summer!! This week will be full of fun activities. We will be exploring the science of slushies, Painting with water guns, and ending the week with a game of water balloon dodgeball.

5 - 9 June

Science Adventure
Jr. Saints Cheer

Science Adventure

Welcome to space camp week where kids learn about the mysterious and magical universe. We will explore space by building rockets, making moon rocks, oreo phases of the moon and more.

Jr. Saints Cheer

Welcome to Jr. Saints Cheer Camp. Work of learning the basics of Saints Cheerleading. The students will work on learning our chants, fight song dance, and basic stunts.

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12-16 June

Crazy about Slime
ABC your Way into Kindergarten

Crazy about Slime

Welcome to Crazy about slime week where kids learn about chemistry and their senses. Every day we will make a new type of slime.

ABC your Way into Kindergarten (Rising Kindergarten)

Learn new skills to prepare for the transition into kindergarten.

19 - 23 June

Under the Sea
Basketball (Rising 3rd - 5th)
Baking (Rising 3rd - 8th)

Under the Sea

Welcome! Let's go exploring under the sea with a mix of playful ocean activities. We will set off on an adventure to learn all about our oceans from shells, beaches, and marine life.

Basketball (Rising 3rd - 5th)

Welcome to SES basketball camp. We will work on the fundamentals of the game of basketball. We will be running drills and working on our skills to get ready for next year.

Baking (Rising 3rd - 8th)

Welcome to the world of baking. Spend the week baking fun treats. We will learn about measuring correctly, reading recipes, and some basics of decorating. We will end the week with a fun bake sale for the parents and campers.

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26 - 30 June

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All about Dinosaurs
Jr. Color Guard

All about Dinosaurs

Welcome to all about dinosaurs. Do you have a child who loves dinosaurs? Let's spend the week going dino crazy with hatching fizzy dino eggs, making fossils, and becoming paleontologists.

Jr. Color Guard

Welcome to Jr. Color Guard. The Father Ryan Color Guard is coming to St. Edwards. Learn the basics of color guard. End the week with a show for the parents.

5 - 7 July

Tie Dye

Welcome to Tie Dye Camp. Spend three days learning different tie dye techniques. Each camper will come home with six tie dyed projects. From tee-shirts to pillowcases.

Tie Dye-3.png

10- 14 July

Bugging Around Nature
Rising 1st Grade

Bugging Around Nature

Welcome to bugging around Nature Camp. We will explore bugs, creepy crawlers, and all things nature. We will go on a scavenger hunt, tie-dye butterflies, bird feeders, and use a solar oven to make s'mores.


Welcome to the world of Soccer. Let's enjoy the fun of Soccer Camp. We will be working on all the skills to make us better soccer players. 

Let's Go Camping First Grade

This camp is open to all incoming first graders. Spend the week learning new skills to be ahead of the class. Students will go on a bear hunt to improve their literacy and mathematical skills. 


24 - 28 July



Welcome to art camp week where kids learn and create art at the same time. We will learn about famous artist and create art inspired by them. 

Volleyball (Girls)

Let's work on our volleyball skills. We will be learning the basics of the game of volleyball. Working on serving, setting, and bumping the ball. 

17 - 21 July

Lego all about it
Cooking is Chemistry

Lego all about it

Welcome to Lego camp. We will be grabbing the big box of Legos and taking on fun challenges. We will be using Legos for hands on science, math, art and more!

Cooking is Chemistry

Welcome to cooking camp where science is edible. We will be making bread in a bag, learning why popcorn pops, homemade butter, candy geodes and more.

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